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All my free challenge swaps already had to be wasted on bugged challenges.

2022.01.19 16:49 TimBobNelson All my free challenge swaps already had to be wasted on bugged challenges.

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2022.01.19 16:49 UserUnknown197 Romance Anime with depressive mc who gets comformed by a girl?

Does anyone know any good romance anime (preferably newer anime from above 2010~) where the mc is very depressive and a girl tries to cheer him up the whole time? It should have depressive vibes and i want to suffer while watching it.
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2022.01.19 16:49 Traditional_Flan_210 No ban. Only bang.

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2022.01.19 16:49 sand90 Was about to buy something on other website, then I remembered my favorite company

Was about to buy something on other website, then I remembered my favorite company Thought of buying the complete DVD for Samurai Jack and Courage the Cowardly Dog from other website, then I remembered to check if my favorite company, Gamestop, has them. Unfortunately, they do not, so I decided to contact them. I'm supporting the company I like!
250 characters, moon soon, BUY, HODL, DRS; hedgies r fuk; ape noises; all hail the greatest ape dfv, and the silverback gorilla, RC woot woot ape noises
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2022.01.19 16:49 asthmatic_beats {FREE} Lil Baby Type Beat - "Gold Digger"

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2022.01.19 16:49 yungangeI worst r/scarlxrd users?

I'd say u/WhalesRStillBig but only for his 1000 DeadRising hate posts, i also hate the album but goddamn do you need to make that many posts???
he contributes alot to the community tho not like SOME people (rhinestone, LVFX, ETC)
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2022.01.19 16:49 Xahsinor_caliente I came home early from school hoping to be able to get some sleep for atleast an hour before my siblings got here just to find out she stayed home

Basically every morning I get cursed out,pestered,and get given panic attacks while getting ready for school or trying to sleep before it's time to get up.They do stuff to try to make me miss the bus like snatch my toothbrush out my hand and my jacket,they also bother me while I do my all to try to get sleep.the other morning I was trying to lay down and get as much sleep as possible before it was time for me to get up and my mom's boyfriend did what he had been doing for 2 weeks he came and banged on the door cursing me out and I said I was already up anyway but it isn't time for me to get up or to go then he burst in the room and brought up the "I set the apartment on fire lie" they made up in 2018 and tried to get me locked in a hospital for i had left 2+ hours before they even caught the house on fire.anyway I get forced to go out to the bus stop wayyy before it's even time for me to go out there and stand there in the cold so many times I have stood out there from 7:08-7:47AM,7:04-8:00AM and stuff like that. I get cursed out if my bus comes late and if it comes really early and i miss it like there were a few times the bus came at 7:15.BUT YET my siblings can just stay home and miss the bus all they want and not get in trouble and now I feel stupid i might as well had stayed at school and cried like usual. I've only ever gotten picked up 2 times they both were this week and by my older sister.i feel mad I wanted to take a nape and have some personal alone time while my siblings aren't here cause I'm 16 and don't have a room so I don't get to have it.We have a garage with couches,TV,table and other stuff in there but I wasn't allowed in there When we had that dog (my mom's boyfriend would beat,choke,taze,and throw that was my sister's and her boyfriend's) they would accuse me of sleeping with the dog(in a sexual way)and they would tell psychiatrist i was sleeping with the dog and sleeping in a cold dark garage. I would get beat up for going in there to try to get sleep BUT NOW MY OTHER Brother MOVED BACK IN AND THE GARAGE IS HIS ROOM HE EVEN TURNED THE DOOR KNOB AROUND SO HE CAN LOCK IT FROM THE INSIDE. Sorry I went into that other topic but now I want to cry even more than I was at school I feel stupid for even coming home early since it's pointless now and my migraine is worse.
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2022.01.19 16:49 salian93 I no longer care about friendships

This is going to be a rant and honestly I don't know why anyone should care, but here it goes.
I'm a fairly introverted person and it is difficult for me to start conversations with strangers and to get to know new people. I am not antisocial and once I do get to know someone, I am going to open up to them and before long people would find it hard to believe that I am actually an introvert.
I tend to be a very supportive and loyal friend. I am there when they need me, I reach out to them, I listen and if there is something I can do to make others life's easier then I simply do it, if it's nothing unreasonable.
As life goes on, people come, people go, but I always kept contact with close friends via social media and went out of my way to meet up with them again.
However – this is where I take issue –, I've noticed that while I don't mind sitting my ass in the train for 1-2 hour one-way to meet someone, go on international flights to reconnect with friends and even plan vacations around being able to be able to do so (I have never invited myself to stay with anyone and unless I am being offered to stay at their place, I am staying at a hotel/Airbnb), my friends wouldn't return the favor. I wouldn't expect anyone to travel internationally for my sake of course. But is it too much to expect of friends to also once in a while come visit me in my area?
That part I've been used to. I've accepted it. I could even live with always being the one to reach out and keeping contact, although I will admit that that is still bothering me. Recently, however, I have come to realized that these friends don't respect my time at all. You try for weeks to schedule some time with them, they keep rescheduling and when you finally do meet up, they arrive late, only have like half an hour time, despite us making plans for something else. Bonus points if I had to cancel some other plans for this and had to drive out there, while they live just around the corner.
Two instances happened recently took the cake (different people). I was happy, when one friend texted me and asked whether I can spontaneously meet up with her like right away. So dumb me did what I could to get out there, turn up there and realize it's more of a informal dinner party with friends. Later on we play a quiz game, which is meant to be played by a certain amount of people and I realize I was last minute addition, because someone else has cancelled. That realization sucked hard. I left shortly after.
With the other friend I agreed to meet up for coffee in the city around noon. We planned this a week ahead. So in order to make this happen, I go to office rather than working from home (which I prefer because of the pandemic) and start work at 6 am, so that I can get off at 2 pm and "only" have to use like 2 hours of overtime. I text him several times throughout the day and no response. An hour past our meeting time he responds saying that he forgot about it, is now getting a Christmas tree with his bf and what not, but he suggests meeting when I'm done with work to which I reply, that was the plan already, so ask him if he could make it before 5 pm. He declines... He even had the audacity to mock me for being upset about it, telling me off that I should be fine with it, because he said sorry.
That was it for me. I no longer care. I have a loving husband. I have great relationships to all of my family members. I know that not everyone is privileged like that and I understand why such people would value friendships more, but I no longer do. I am not cutting anybody off, but I'm done bending backwards for people who couldn't care less about me.
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2022.01.19 16:49 shuvammax Dragon Infinity - play to earn 3D Gaming - NFTs, Breeding, Oracle system, Staking, PVP, PVE - Launching Now on BSC!!!

Dragon Infinity is created by the idea of creating a P2E NFT Gaming in the world of a mysterious dragon saga of a time where dragons ruled the world.

The Token Of Dragon Infinity is the currency in this game. Besides, there will be nfts in form of dragons and dragon eggs which can be collected, bought and sold in a NFT marketplace.
Fight against dragons, collect Dragon and Dragon EGG NFTs when you win against them and be part of this legendary saga. Level up your dragons and join later on our open world game and fight against different dungeons (Phase 3)
The basic principle is a 3D PvP mode where players can fight against each other. The winner gets a reward in the form of tokens, automatically sent to the wallet, and the loser gets a deduction. In addition, there are several options to pair dragons and hatch eggs, whose spawn can be used to be even better in the game or to sell it as NFT to other players and investors.
Dragon Infinity V2 Tokenomics:
- 3% Lp
- 3% Gaming fees
- 5% for marketing
- 3% Game development
- 1% Team
Play to Earn Gaming project (PVP, PVE) -Breeding / pairing of dragons to get dragon eggs and get new dragons -Oracle balancing reward system -NFT marketplace intergration -Staking -CMC & CG & CEX listings -High quality marketing with major influencer -Contract developed and maintained by audit company ; Contract checker
Improtant links
Contract Address: 0x019F0Cc6cBefdc4fcCfD0F4191492F0EBaCD6eeD
Website: https://dragon-infinity.in/
Telegram: https://t.me/dragoninfinityChat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dragInfinityBSC
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2022.01.19 16:49 Shaneblaster People who leave new comments on Reddit posts from several months ago, why do you do it?

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2022.01.19 16:49 azakd Where to start (comics)

So at my local library we have a huge Batman selection of the comics. I have seen the movies plenty of times and played some of the games. Where is a good place to start if I want to get jnto the comics? Theres so many options.
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2022.01.19 16:49 Ecchi_Joce Hanako-kun instock on crunchyroll store!

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2022.01.19 16:49 KyletheAngryAncap These cretins, of all people, try to say opposing regulations is crab mentality.

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2022.01.19 16:49 GAA123 WATCH: UCD v NUIG Fitzgibbon Cup Round 1

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2022.01.19 16:49 fossa__wet MA Marriage an Family Therapy Program

Hi I am considering apply to this program. But honestly I’m not sure how people afford it? Can anyone explain to me how they afford it ? How’s the workload ? How is the program overall.
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2022.01.19 16:49 PappaPurple Bro i can die happy now

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2022.01.19 16:49 emab2396 Does your performance decrease when you are around your period?

I notice that both my endurance and my strength decrease. I ran at a slower pace than last sunday and I still couldn't finish at the time I planned. My strength got slightly lower too. Yesterday I didn't even bother to do cardio, I simply didn't feel like it.
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2022.01.19 16:49 zeffiea To UvA(university of Amsterdam) via Russia

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2022.01.19 16:49 AssociationMain9325 Like there's anyone who would hire that bum.

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2022.01.19 16:49 fall_love27 What’s your favorite childhood story?

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2022.01.19 16:49 Hamilegit Valhelsia 3 (3.4.9) Whitelisted Public Server

Valhelsia 3 pack version: 3.4.9
Connect to our discord server for the IP and the extra mods mentioned later in this post: https://discord.gg/tkW9KQum39 OR click on the Discord tab on the main reddit page and click Hydra's Haven as all the functions and operations for the modded server are based there.
Started mid-March 2021 and has now been reset on October 31st 2021 - 3rd January 2022. This Is now a whitelisted server, Information can be found on the discord in the announcement channel. I will make a bot command to show you step by step in an embed shortly.
Extra mods includes FTB Library, Chunks and Teams. Since the original pack doesn't come with claiming built in.
To get the extra mods and IP type h.serverinfo in the vh3-chat channel that can only be seen with the role (Modded Pings).
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2022.01.19 16:49 Morpheus280 End of New York 🗽 Trip Brittany might like fresh

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2022.01.19 16:49 Safemoon-Buyer-4697 So Bitmart is promoting SFM V2?

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2022.01.19 16:49 crytoloover GALA игровой токен game token рост height $ 1.80 #games #binance #mbox #gala

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2022.01.19 16:49 blueyes3183 Bullish divergence with the ADL?

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