My(M20) therapist thinks I should tell my parents where they went wrong in our upbringing. How?

2022.01.19 15:52 throwrapl9 My(M20) therapist thinks I should tell my parents where they went wrong in our upbringing. How?

It's very hard to talk to my parents. We moved to brooklyn from serbia when I was 8. They are well off and they always gave us everything we physically needed growing up. When it came to everything else...they did a really poor job. I didn't know how to word it while I was a child/teen, but I've now come to realize it was emotional abuse. I decided to see a therapist last year, and it has greatly helped me realize where the root of a number of my problems are, which ultimately led back to out parents.
I did try to talk to my parents a few months ago about where they went wrong, but of course they dismissed it by saying they gave us everything, they took care of us, etc. The thing is, my youngest sister is 10. Of course, they're soft on her (I'm the oldest), so I really just don't want them to mess up their relationship with her. I just want advice on how to talk to them and express my thoughts to them, even if they dismiss it.
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2022.01.19 15:52 neuces [Academic] Looking for opinions about Immigration in the USA (All Ages)

Hey everyone! I’m a 17 year old student that is currently in High school, and i’m in an advanced government class that is looking at the concept of polling.
We were constructing our survey but only got 25 responses but we need a lot more.
Our survey discusses the concept of immigration, it only has 6 questions, all multiple choice and anonymous.
I also have no other idea of where else to post this, if you guys can recommend some subreddits where i can post this, that would be wonderful.
Thank you redditors <3

Immigration Survey
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2022.01.19 15:52 future-of-work DH15S fits on Z690-i (12900k) in Sliger S620 but have to remove top M.2 heatsink (it doesn't effect performance).

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2022.01.19 15:52 NewsCryptocurrency Crypto News: Market Crash, AVAX, SOL, AAVE & MORE!! 📰

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2022.01.19 15:52 TheGamersNextDoor New Upcoming Indie Sega Dreamcast Game! We Play - Shadow Gangs (Kickstarter) Demo

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2022.01.19 15:52 No-Consequence-000 Crush on Guy Bestfriend

So I (20F) have a crush on my closest guy friend (20M). We met in college and have been friends for 3 years now. We were both in relationships last year but have been out for 6+ months. A few months ago, I started to take notice of how attractive he was and beyond that his personality and how it felt nice when we were together. We talk with each other about everything and I cherish our friendship. We started hanging out more often together like getting food(doesn’t pay), library, going grocery shopping (he pays most times). He doesn’t really compliment me without prompt but when I ask him about my hair or outfit he usually replies something along the lines of “you look beautiful”. He introduced me to his friends and when we were out with friends and he laid his head on my shoulder and I liked it but I am way too nervous to physically touch him because of my feelings. He has never made a move on me romantically such as asking me on a date but I really want to take it to the next level. He mentions other girls who like him but says he is uninterested in them. He has been doing things like offering to drive more, small favors I ask, & laughs at my jokes even when they aren’t funny. Does this seem like he likes me or is he just being friendly? If so, I want him to know I like him but don’t know how to go about it.
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2022.01.19 15:52 crfultz91 Do Your Thank You Cards ASAP!

Got married last June, initially I egged my spouse on about thank you cards needing to be done sooner than later, essentially saying if we don't get them done, they won't get done till February because of all of the holidays and so on and so forth, they assured me it would be okay even though they would be done in February and that it wouldn't matter, the guests wouldn't mind... they are still not done. Figuring it'll get done when it gets it done, I'm not going to keep nagging about it.
It's months later and I'm looking at the guest list and all the gifts that they gave and it's awkward trying to write these cards because some of these people have literally broken up since the wedding, or are no longer friends with us because of scandals, etc. THINGS HAVE CHANGED.
The longer you wait the harder it gets to write them, you forget about what was given (if you didn't carefully take notes when you are opening them), and relationships change. Do it ASAP because you will not be able to relax until it's done.
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2022.01.19 15:52 ChimiDios Here in Buenos Aires you can shop Matto's pain

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2022.01.19 15:52 Arnadus Discussing Growth Marketing And Retention For Bitcoin Businesses

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2022.01.19 15:52 Shadow-wlkr Anyone else misses the 90s and early 2000s?

Vibing to AR Rahman/Harris songs, Thalaivar movies, Prabhu Deva dance moves, weekends at Marina beach or ECR long drives with family, or Spencer Plaza, Excited even 2 months before Diwali, etc. We didn't know shit about anything on caste/religion, There wasn't much hatred on these lines atleast in the Chennai I grew up in. I grew up in an environment where I was taught to respect every religion/people equally. But nowadays everywhere I see is hate/negativity/intolerance even on small or silly issues. I see people divided on various lines/opinions like never before. Makes me question the childhood I had. What went wrong suddenly? Wish we could all live peacefully without discriminating or hating on one another, or even better not getting sucked into the political games played by our politicians. Just a rant. I'm sure some might even find this post triggering for no reason and start a fight in the comments, and that's okay. Just wanted to share that I miss the 90s. K.Bye.
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2022.01.19 15:51 username-nameuser0 Custom dyno tune at specialist or EQT custom map (not live option)

I want my remapping done by EQT but I feel like because I'm in the UK it's going to make it difficult (no eqt dealers)
View Poll
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2022.01.19 15:51 G3twokegobroke I’m finally done with Taco Bell

Learned my lesson on Taco Bell got a double order waited in a 10 car drive thru. Got to window they gave me 1 order and said go around for the other, it’s our policy to only hand out one, after a short discussion of me explaining that’s not fair these orders were put in before the last car in the drive through showed up. The guy said pull forward or I’ll call the cops. So I did and called support they took the order off that wasn’t given to me gave me half pay and said my completion rate would be affected. How dumb!
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2022.01.19 15:51 Rota-aura TWM isn't a bad person

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2022.01.19 15:51 Reasonable-Rent5186 Can anyone tell me what these weird holes in the receiver in the e field I just bought are? I know one of them is a gas vent but the others?

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2022.01.19 15:51 Beginning_Impress928 Should I use Granger to upgrade Argus

I have both Argus and Granger at 6* and I'm wonder if I should use Granger to upgrade Argus coz he's my track on my team and worried that I might regret it in the future
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2022.01.19 15:51 VimanaAesthetic Snow Ice Dye, Bleach splash and distressed by me. Still learning

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2022.01.19 15:51 dragon_slayer_431 Discord MOD?

Is there any discord mod apks. I am not talking about nitro ones which are fakem
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2022.01.19 15:51 GeosPap Γιατί ρε μαλακα;

Είναι κρύα ανέκδοτα το subreddit, αν έχετε όρεξη για ανέκδοτα να πείτε στη γυναίκα σας, δε θα μου χαλάτε εμένα τη διάθεση, αλήτες
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2022.01.19 15:51 No-Inspection-7347 NYU TANDON ADMISSIONS

Anyone heard from nyu Tandon for the ms in CS program ? Or has anyone asked them when the decisions will be posted ?
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2022.01.19 15:51 Low_Conclusion_1332 Fake Nudes Bot

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2022.01.19 15:51 gentlewoolfy Hug the Go-Goat! (by me @gentlewoolfy)

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2022.01.19 15:51 Prudent_Excitement48 Join the 🔥Nude-Empire🔥 Discord Server!

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2022.01.19 15:51 sealbebe_25 Applying for Architecture Undergraduate UK

Has anyone received offers from the UK for architecture and what Unis did you apply to ?
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2022.01.19 15:51 AngeliqueMacLeod Would love someone to capture me. Also more of my images can be found on my IG under handle: @amacleod_ba

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2022.01.19 15:51 ramwham Dropping from Google Meet calls

My girlfriend has been experiencing a unique issue on her Chromebook. As of December 2021, her Acer Chromebook 15 (purchased July 2020) drops her from Google Meet calls.

In December, she joined a staff professional development, but it periodically gave her the message "You lost your network connection. Trying to reconnect." Eventually, she joined on her phone with no issues. Fast forward to this weekend, she tried hosting a Google Meet herself (for teaching), and it gave the same message. It would freeze her presentation and drop her webcam before reconnecting after a few seconds.

We've both attempted troubleshooting with the standard procedures. I signed out of her account, resigned in, and tried. Nothing. I've cleared the cache. I've uninstalled nearly all extensions on Chrome (only one active is a Cursor Skin). I tested the network, and her Chromebook was testing 180/20 mb/s down and up respectively on Speedtest. Lastly, I did a hard reboot of the computer, which worked temporarily.

Eventually, the workaround was logging in to my User Profile on her Chromebook, but after two days of no issues, she's experiencing the same problem. Is it an issue with the processor struggling to handle presenting, showing webcam, and using microphone? Is it a network issue I need to test? Is it an issue other ChromeOS people are experiencing? Any help or insight would be appreciated.
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