How do you distinguish what is the number 1 blockchain game?

2021.11.28 23:13 CherelleSteere How do you distinguish what is the number 1 blockchain game?

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I am trying to make a TARDIS console in ACNH, but I have no idea what to use for the console. I have a Frozen Pillar as the time rotor but I still need a table/counter to go around it, does anyone know what I could use?
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2021.11.28 23:13 xkensukex317 MGEX Ver.Ka

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2021.11.28 23:13 rhinothunder11 I Need Help to Twitch Prime!

I Need Help to Twitch Prime! I need help to remove the "First Sub, First Month" tab so I can twitch prime sub. Any help is appreciated!
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2021.11.28 23:13 PlanningThePlan Teammates

Do you hate when your teammates in random squads build a whole house over the bed and doesn’t defend?
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2021.11.28 23:13 Keqpup BioShock 4 logo and pitching presentation might be potentially leaked

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2021.11.28 23:13 EveningSun202010 Babies

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2021.11.28 23:13 zoonam [Japanese > English] Trying to read one of my favorite manga before the chapter gets translated, what would 「平手はまだいただいたことがない」mean? Full page for context

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2021.11.28 23:13 A_Menace_123 Is that Your Bully Maguire?

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2021.11.28 23:13 PhoconDavis Would the creative stage v2 pair with a Vizio tv?

I want to get a good soundbar subwoofer combo for my parents for Christmas around $200 and the v2 looks good. They have a Vizio tv (unsure of the model) would it pair well? Also, do they have discrete packaging?
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2021.11.28 23:13 rac3r87 Only those who drs are getting the nft. Its not a catalyst is a message to drs.

I went look for the latest computer share post and it was at 85xxx accounts.
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2021.11.28 23:13 PS_Crafter pls fix

this is an op bug that needs to be fixed it is a glitch that lets you go under the pyramid with a car pls fix this ASAP cause you can even shoot out of it i will not say exeacty how to do it but it involves a car and the pyramid. if you are going to try this do it in battle labs
also dont forget dec 4 live even the world will end lol whyh do you need 75 words lol
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2021.11.28 23:13 Traditional_Ear_262 me lo mando mi mamita

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2021.11.28 23:13 is_it_moosecock LPT: If somebody offers you gum, they might be being nice…or they might be politely telling you your breath stinks. Take the gum.

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2021.11.28 23:13 Sensitive_Error_3301 Ung Akala mo candy ung lipstick🤣

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2021.11.28 23:13 flyncode Bumps along edge and excess stringing

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2021.11.28 23:13 NerdyWriter29 24 [M4F] Houston/Anywhere the key to my heart? Getting bullied

Hello all, I am a recent college grad from the US on the look out for someone to call my person. I am from Texas and am definitely more left-leaning liberal, just to get that out there. Also a total sub, which I know can put some people off.
Some stuff about me;
-Six feet tall
-Graduated with a bachelor's in creative writing
-Aspiring author of fantasy and sci-fi
-DnD nerd
-Been on a weight loss journey since February, so far down thirty six pounds
Feel free to reach out if you want to chat! My DMs are open and I look forward to talking to some fun people
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2021.11.28 23:13 XxIdontReallyKnow My friend is depressed due to my other friend banging his mom.

Hi I was recently on this reddit and noticed (friend that shall not be named) confessed openly about his feelings but, not the full truth (shall be called friend A). The confession was to friend B’s mom. It all happened one night I was coming to friend B’s house and saw friend A sneaking through a window. So me and friend B were eating food before the house began to feel like 2 tectonic plates shaking, the mattress was squeaking like a clown horn. All of a sudden I heard friend B’s mom screaming out “Anghh harder, mmm yeah!” Friend B’s eyes began to widen as he said “I need to go to the bathroom quickly.” While friend B was away, I went upstairs to look at the situation. Friend A was eating at friend B mom’s pussy going hardcore as the mom was caressing her tits. Story will continue tomrrow.
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2021.11.28 23:13 afartispoopcrying Why would someone do this with a 2wd possibly 2.3? I can't imagine it doing great offroad with 143 hp and 0 engines mods available really.

Why would someone do this with a 2wd possibly 2.3? I can't imagine it doing great offroad with 143 hp and 0 engines mods available really. submitted by afartispoopcrying to fordranger [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 23:13 angryseal1999 I don't know if I get to graduate.

I'm irritated because a couple weeks ago my college credits got screwed up and put me 4 credits short. I have to take another class to be able to graduate. They're going to try and let me graduate with fewer credits but graduation is in a couple weeks and it's too late to order my cap and gown and get it on time to be able to walk at my graduation. And nobody has a spare.
But I guess it doesn't really matter because I'm only walking for myself. Nobody is coming. I invited a handful of people and they've just kind of brushed it off.
I feel so stupid for crying about it but it really just feels like nobody cares. And I'm such an independent person and I'm content with living life for myself, with nobody else and their actions influencing me. Because this is MY life. But damn. Here I am, sitting on my couch at 7pm with my cat crying because I truly am alone and unsupported.
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2021.11.28 23:13 bexantus Jazz and Blues Instrumental Beats

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2021.11.28 23:13 pistapasta_ Thank you quarantine🤘🏼#workinghardorhardlyworking #rdr2 #endlessgameplay

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2021.11.28 23:13 Mental-Exchange3420 how do I stop someone from committing suicide?

This random person I had added on snapchat said they randomly selected me to say their goodbyes. I told them I'm not gonna be wanna those people who say "oh pls don't kys what about your family🥺🥺😭😭" because those people don't understand. I told them I'm not gonna stop them but think about it. I regret saying that. because now time is getting closer and I don't want it to be my fault. I'm gonna feel so guilty. what do I tell them please help.
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2021.11.28 23:13 Liam_SD Would I be able to replace my home internet with a 4G hotspot?

So, I have HughesNet now, which is absolutely horrible. Complaining about hughesnet would be a waste of time because everybody already knows it sucks, so I'll just get to my question. I looked at the Verizon, At&T, and T-Mobile websites and saw that I could not be covered by their home internet plans. However, I looked at a map, and I am covered in 4G by those 3 providers. If I purchased a hotspot device and unlimited data, would it be possible to use this as my home internet instead? It would only be used by one person, I am the only one who has a computer, everyone else just uses the data they have on their phones. Would it work if I ordered a "Verizon Jetpack MiFi 8800L" and used unlimited data with it? This is my first time having to deal with what I would call "painful rural internet". The last place I lived had DSL. So would this work? Are there any alternatives to that that would suit me better?
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2021.11.28 23:13 Startingariot Boost for boost? Will get back immediately (:

Just needing some help with some gas for the week! Will boost back !
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